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We offer next day funding, we accept all card types and have one of the lowest cost structures available today.

Not only are there several card types today, there are also hundreds of terminal options and payment qualification categories.

You need to know your business; it is what you do best and where you need to focus. It is exceedingly difficult to understand payment processing let alone make wise decisions for your business.

Employ Patriot Financial Services & Payments as your payment processing expert to simplify your options and maximize value for this important aspect of your business:

  • Expert Consultation – More than 60 years of combined payment industry experience
  • Longevity – We will be your partner for the long term.
  • Honor and Integrity – Many processors want to bait and switch, at Patriot Financial Services & Payments, we want to partner and grow together.
  • Full Breadth of Payment Acceptance – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Debit Cards, Pinned Cards, Stored Value Cards.
  • Specialized Processing Applications – Restaurant, Health Care, Grocery, Commercial,
  • All Terminal Types – Purchase or lease.
  • Straight Forward Pricing – You will be able to understand your monthly statement
  • Personal Service – When you call with a questions or need help we will answer the telephone

For sales inquiries, call (817) 235-4200, or complete our web form.