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bankerLet us help your institution maintain and grow your base of commercial customers with in-person sales and service.

Merchant Processing Services are a natural extension of your existing Commercial Relationships. Today, virtually every business accepts card based payments. In addition to traditional retail stores, doctors, dentists, attorneys, manufacturing firms and even contractors are now accepting credit cards.

The Demand Deposit Account is just the beginning for your Financial Institution. Commercial and Small Business Loans, Investment Products, Cash Management Services, Trust Services and Merchant Processing are all key areas where you can expand your commercial relationships and add value. Each of these products is complex. Offering all of these products is necessary but difficult to do.

If your Financial Institution does not offer Merchant Processing Services, you should reconsider. Why let another financial institution or processor provide this value added service to your client? Patriot Financial Services & Payments can put you in the Merchant Processing business today.

If you have a program, consider switching to Patriot Financial Services & Payments. We offer a turn-key program that includes:

  • Expert Consultation – More than 60 years of combined payment industry experience
  • Longevity – We will be your partner for the long term.
  • Honor and Integrity – Many processors want to bait and switch, at Patriot Financial Services & Payments, we want to partner and grow together.
  • Dedicated Sales Team – We have Relationship Managers, Inside and Outside Sales Staff backed up by an efficient Operations Team.
  • Proactive Marketing – We do not just wait for you to send referrals – we offer strategies for you and us collectively to approach your clients.
  • Broad Product Offering – We can meet all of the needs of your diverse client base including all card types, all terminal types and specialized applications.
  • Straight Forward Pricing – Your commercial clients will be able to understand their monthly statement.
  • Personal Service – When you call with a question or need help, we will answer the telephone.


For sales inquiries, call (817) 235-4200, or complete our web form.