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MCCOY MYERS & ASSOCIATES is proud to announce a new strategic partnership that will bring a customized Merchant Services Product to our financial institutions. For years, our customers have been using the local banks or third-party suppliers to help commercial customers have MasterCard, Visa, and Discover debit and credit cards processed through their businesses. The programs vary in liability and revenue to the bank, and usually start off with a bang, but soon there is a lack of interest and support from the third party.
To stop this unsatisfactory method of doing business and help our financial institutions receive as much income from their programs as possible, McM has partnered with Patriot Financial Services & Payments. Patriot Financial offers:

  • Revenue sharing with McM banks.
  • Hands-on on-site sales and support for the bank’s merchants.
  • Next-day funding.
  • Integrated Discover processing.
  • On-site promotional support and training to merchants at the bank.
  • Patriot FSP assumes 100% of all risk and underwriting.

Patriot’s management team is made up entirely of banking and Electronic Payments Industry Veterans, with over 60 years of experience supporting banks throughout the Southwest. Patriot will help you improve your revenue and provide the best service your customers have ever had. You will be proud of your program and know you are achieving the most for you and your customers.