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sam-1Patriot FSP works with financial institutions to optimize cash holdings across all functional areas (vault, ATM, branch) and analyze logistics operations supporting the movement of currency and coin.

By identifying operational inefficiencies and further leveraging existing technology platforms, Patriot FSP consultants can significantly reduce the inherit risk and costs associated with the movement of currency and coin. Further, Patriot FSP consultants can identify cost reductions in the management of ATM and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Processing operations whether in-sourced or outsourced by a third party. Through benchmarking of operational scorecards and third party contracts against industry best practices, Patriot FSP can work with your organization to reduce costs and develop a strategic road map based on current and future requirements.

Most organizations are so busy dealing with the day to day operational challenges of managing Cash, ATM and Logistical issues that executives are challenged to identify where opportunities for improvement may exist and more importantly, do not have the bandwidth to build and execute a plan to further reduce costs and identify opportunities. Patriot FSP’s relationship oriented approach and operational experience at every organizational level, provide a trustworthy and grounded approach to identifying gaps in existing procedures and providing a plan for the future.

  • Reduced cash inventory holding costs
  • Optimized transportation schedules
  • Improved transportation carrier management
  • Service Provider contract negotiation
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increased Cash management and Account Analysis Fee Capture
  • Improved ATM availability and ATM management reporting
  • Improved branch cash operational procedures
  • Optimization of administration and operational processes in the areas of reconciliation and invoice management
  • Reduced EFT processing costs and negotiation of EFT contracts
  • Optimization of third party cash sourcing contracts for ATM operations
  • Debit and Credit Card merchant processing management programs (cost analysis and outsourcing)

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