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Patriot Financial Services and Payments works with financial institutions and merchants to deliver quality processing services, cash and logistics consulting and ATM/debit consulting.

Small Company Attention and Care – You will work with the owners of Patriot FSP.

Large Company Capabilities – We employ BluePay, a leading provider of credit card processing services.

FI Experience -The Patriot FSP leadership team has worked for or with Financial Institutions in the payment space for 30+ years. We believe Financial Institutions are grossly underserved in the Merchant Processing area and intend to exclusively focus here.

In Person Sales and Service – Our team will visit your customers to explain credit card processing, complete the application and convert/implement the service. We do not rely on call centers and nameless-faceless staff.

Aggressive Pricing – We have one of the lowest cost structures available to processors today. Using this cost structure, we can compete with anyone enabling merchant processing as an account acquisition/retention tool for your bank.

Flexible Profit Sharing – We offer a profit share based on your participation – We can do it all from prospecting, signing and converting new clients or share those tasks with your team. Our profit share percentage varies based on your participation.

Key Competitive Product Differences – In addition to aggressive pricing, we offer next day funding and integrated Discover Processing. We also support all card types, MC, Visa, Amex, and Discover, and all PIN debit networks. We also drive all terminal types and interface with all POS software applications.

Collaborative Marketing Approach – Who are your clients and prospects? What are your goals? Business Retention? Relationship Expansion? New Client Acquisition? We will work with you to understand your objectives, create a plan, and then execute against that plan.

Promotional Assistance – We will help you with the launch of your new Merchant Services Offering. We have helped write Statement Inserts and Campaign Letters. We can also administer sales contests for your team to help them build momentum.

Staff Training – Your staff does not need to be a merchant-processing expert to refer opportunities. However, knowing what is happening in the card payment business will give them an edge in seeking opportunities and enrich their job. We hold branch and commercial officer training sessions for groups or individuals.

Market Reconnaissance – As we interface with your clients and prospects in selling merchant processing services, we seek feedback on you and your Bank. Your clients may be willing to tell us things that would not tell you. This information can help you refine various aspects of your Bank.

Superior Service – At Patriot FSP , we stress aggressive service and follow-up. Our goal is 100% satisfaction throughout your client base, and this is accomplished by our relationship-driven approach. We are ambassadors of our Bank Partners, and that privilege results in our obsession with merchant satisfaction.


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