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Patriot Financial Services & Payments

We offer the agility of a smaller firm, the stability of 60+ years of EFT tenure, and the nimbleness that comes from forward thinking and transparent partnering.
For sales inquiries, call 817.235.4200, send an email to [email protected] or complete our web form.

Payments Processing for Financial Institutions

Let us help your institution maintain and grow your base of commercial customers with in-person sales and service.

Payment Processing for Merchants

We offer next day funding, we accept all card types and have one of the lowest cost structures available today.

EFT/ATM/Debit Consulting

Processor/vendor/partner selection Contract review and negotiation services ATM managed services and branding solution selection 3rd party vendor selection and management

Cash & Logistics Consulting

  Reduced cash inventory holding costs Optimized transportation schedules Increase cash management and account analysis fee capture Improved branch cash ...

Patriot Financial Services & Payments

Patriot Financial Services and Payments works with financial institutions and merchants to deliver quality processing services, cash and logistics consulting and ATM/debit consulting.